How the World Benefits from Body Worn Camera

Body worn cameras are a relatively new addition to the security market. The increased demand from paramilitary forces and police forces are expanding the reach of the product in the Chinese markets , as well as the world markets.

Aishine Security, a experienced manufacturer of Hidden security for 9 years in China.

Cooperated and developed glasses hidden camera with Chinese Police department with advanced high tech product outcomes,such as real waterproof,anti-shake technique, Video air transmission,Rapid identification and so on, China public relationship will benefit a lot from the efforts.

Body worn cameras

So what is body worn glasses security camera?

It’s a ergonomic designed glasses with high resolution hidden camera, taking video into SD card.It can be used by officers, reporter and lawyer for memories recording.

Plain-clothes police man,to record interactions with the public and to cover or support evidence at crime scenes.

glasses spy camera

As well, it can be used for daily life enjoyment;

Hands free, just one touch to record the moments meaningful, indoor and outdoor. It will be awesome and amazing.

Yes, glasses hidden camera is a market trend and prosperous, but quality support should be a core concern to select suppliers. Aishine Security will be the one for you.

Who is Aishine Security?

A leading manufacturer of Hidden Security Cameras, focuses on developing smart & innovative products and solutions to improve the overall security and loss prevention. With more than 9 years OEM/ODM experiences working with large to medium size multinational corporations, our reputation mirrors our abilities. We make use of the latest security technologies to stay abreast with today’s security threats and needs.

Body worn cameras

Let’s know more body worn glasses camera from Aishine Security

HD 1080P High Tech Eyeglasses Video Camera 16GB

 (Model No.: AI-G02)

This is Eyeglasses with hidden video camera for body worn security;
The camera is 2.0 mega pixel lens, though it’s hidden without lens hole, it gets a high quality graphic view.
Also,It is portable and werable to take evidence for police and reporter, as well, hands free to record the moments of daily life.

HD 1080P DVR Sunglasses Camera (Model No.: AI-G02S)

It’s a super invisible sunglasses camera with 2.0 mega High resolution pixel lens, the camera ,usb port are hidden perfectly.
Second, it is with 2.4hz wireless remote controller to operate the camera in the pockets without any attention,just one press to record and stop.
Besides,it comes with built-in 16GB memory card,and two 280mah battery legs to replace for about 2 hours long time real view recording.

HD 1080P WiFi Eyeglasses Video Camera(Model No.: AI-G03)

Wi-Fi P2P Eyeglasses Video Camera for outdoor entertainment 、police body worn camera and business security.

It is high quality glasses camera with US and EU popular glasses design; Though It’s 1.0 mega pixel lens for 720P resolution, the lens is visible, so that the picture and video quality is great and real for WiFi and P2P Online video streaming.


HD 1080P High Tech P2P Eyeglasses Camera (Model No.: AI-G05)

Firstly, it’s a glasses camera with P2P LAN Camera to check live video locally, without WiFi in 30 meters. One touch to get the moments meaningful and valuable, with two battery lens in more than 2 hours video recording.
Secondly, it’s hidden perfectly without lens hole, and with 2.0 mega pixel high quality picture to touch record real picture of daily life and moments.


HD 1080P High Tech Touch Eyeglasses Security Camera 

(Model No.: AI-G05S)

It’s Eyewear glasses with simple ergonomic design,the SD card slot, USB port and indicator light are totally hidden perfectly;
As well, it comes with 2.0 mega high resolution hidden DVR camera, the camera lens is hidden, but we  breakthough the tech to get a real and high quality graphic view; Besides, it with 2 replaceable battery legs for 2 hours working;
It’s portable for hands free video recording,to enjoy the meaningful moments of daily life and take the evidence for police and reporter.


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