To Light Up Our Life By Aishine Lamp Camera

Spy WiFi  Video Camera HD 1080P Lamp For Home Security

Launched by Aishine Security in 2018 May

After going to bed, do you like to get up again to turn off light?

Yes,we don’t like to.

Aishine WiFi Lamp,just controlled by Smart Phone APP to turn off remotely,or set up time when to turn off automatically.

Besides, we can select whatever the colors we liked, pink for girls,blue for boys,yellow for the elder, and red for lover.

Each color says a emotion, red when happy,blue when sad, green when hopeless and more…

hidden wifi camera

When getting off work and back home, if there’s any light waiting for you?

If not, we can light up for ourselves before opening the door

Life is soft and warm…

wifi lamp camera
What’s more, there’s a built-in Wi-Fi hidden camera, 2.0 mega pixel Lens;

To get online video by APP, and make home security easily.

When motion detecting,  messages and pictures will be sent to phone promptly.

hidden spy camera

When we are on business,missing our family and kids so much.

Just open APP to check live moment remotely,video and audio.

wifi hidden camera

My girl is 5 years old, she sleeps alone by herself.

I light up a lamp for her, she will never scare of monster and ghost any more.

Sweet dreams…

hd spy wifi camera

Meanwhile, when I’m working in office I can check live video on my mobile phone

She is playing Lego blocks- a princess palace

What’s more amazing, to move finger left and right, and get 330 degree rotating wide viewing angle.

The camera is following with her..

spy wifi camera

Keep an eye on your nanny and home as well.

Far away with children abuse or others,with Aishine Nanny WiFi Camera

Aishine New Launched WiFi Lamp Security Camera

Welcome to contact us for more, if you are interesting in for your business.

wifi hidden video camera

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