Temp&Gas Alarm to Secure Family and Business Smartly

Is there a hidden camera with simple design and very easy operation?

Can it be connected to phone APP for online video streaming?

Is it HD 1080p high resolution video and picture?

Can it work at day and night for 24 hours?

Yes, it is Cylinder Shape Security Camera with Temp&Gas Alarm Camera.

Launched by Aishine Security in May, 2018,who is focused on Smart Security Camera for over 9 years, combining the needs of end user and buyer to product developing, and making your ideas come true.

Just moving fingers to left and right, to get 330 degree rotating viewing angle.

Aishine is the world’s first one, who developing the tech to get hidden camera with rotating lens.

2018 new spy camera

But where’s the camera?

It looks like only a speaker…

Please check below instruction

wifi nanny camera

There are so many Wi-Fi hidden cameras in the market,and marked 5.0 mega pixel lens.

Is that really trustworthy ?

We respect the fact,and respect the market.

WiFi IP Camera

Our camera is with Chip-set:Hi3518E V200 and Lens:OV9712

Real 2.0 Mega Pixel Lens,here sharing the video footage moment.

In our opinion, a hidden Wi-Fi security camera with night vision will be more attractive.

12 pcs invisible night vision lights built-in, to get at least 3 meters night viewing video

What happened at night darkness, the camera will take for us…

bedroom wifi camera

For this item, totally New innovative idea is Temp&Gas Alarm remotely

The device will be pushed notification and 3 pictures on mobile phone, and audio alarm locally.

WiFi Spy Camera

Usually , we worried about the battery life,how long does the camera work?

Yes, that’s an important concern.

So It’s built in 5000mA rechargeable Lion battery for 10 hours working.

And the APP will be showed the battery status friendly,on the top right corner

It’s designed for Smart Home and Business security perfectly

We can check HD online streaming video, take video and audio on APP, that’ll record the moments we cared, and make indoor and business more security with alarm function.

new spy hidden camera

Aishine Security, Only provide Innovative and Valuable Security Solution.

Welcome to contact us for more.

HD 1080P Cylinder Security Wi-Fi Camera

WiFi Spy Camera

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